Why is GRASS Turf Pro superior to other artificial grass?

Quite simply, we offer one of the highest quality artificial turf, along with superior customer service, all within a pre-determined budget that you can afford. GRASS Turf Pro is an investment you can count on!

Our high-quality products are manufactured in our state of the art manufacturing facility in Georgia using our EnviroSafe fiber technology. We guarantee that our turf contains no harmful lead or other toxic materials and is totally safe for your family and pets. (Note: Please beware of China-based artificial turf, as it can contain lead and other toxic chemicals.)

Our customer service is exceptional. Whether we install your product or you do it yourself, you can count on our customer service representatives to be with you every step of the way. Our mission is to always exceed your expectations!

We will help fit your project within an affordable budget. You may pay by check, credit cards and, in the near future, we will be able to assist you with financing. Plus, if you are in a drought area, some incentives may help defer the cost of your project! With GRASS Turf Pro, we really do keep you in the green!

Is GRASS Turf Pro Safe?

Our artificial turf is made with EnviroSafe fiber technology. It never contains lead or any other toxic materials, so it is safe for your family and pets. GRASS Turf Pro will make it a pleasure to enjoy the outdoors, year-round!

What is the life expectancy of GRASS Turf Pro products?

GRASS Turf Pro provides a warranty for all of its synthetic grass products. The average guaranteed life expectancy is for a period of 8 years with some products offering a 10 year guarantee. There are several items that the limited warranty will not cover, such as damage arising from the turf fibers being pulled from their original pile height by athletic shoes, burned turf from sunlight reflecting off of reflective surfaces, failure to maintenance the product as instructed, or several other incidental damages unrelated to the turf product. Please check with your GRASS Turf Pro representative for more information.

Will GRASS Turf Pro fade?

GRASS Turf Pro will not fade due to the UV inhibitors that we mix into the EnviroSafe fiber resin. Rest assured, you will have a beautiful lawn, playing field, pet area, or whatever your project need, all throughout the year!

Can I install GRASS Turf Pro myself?

GRASS Turf Pro is easy to install. We offer an informative kit which details how to calculate: the square footage of your project, the amount of turf needed, weed barrier, infill needed, seam fabric (or glue) and seam spikes.

In addition, you learn how to prepare the project area, tools you will need, how to install and compact the base, how to properly seam the project pieces together and use the seaming tape and spikes, and finish the project by sweeping the grass fibers and final clean up.

The kit also offers planning grids, calculation tools, seaming tips and illustrations, an infill tip sheet, as well as, a maintenance information page detailing the break-in period, debris removal, surface cleaning, smoking and open flames (Note: Turf will not flame, but can smolder and melt, so you should not allow smoking near your turf.), pet turf care, repairing tears, along with a copy of the GRASS Turf Pro Warranty.

How can GRASS Turf Pro handle pet potty and digging?

Pets love our turf, because it of its natural look and feel. Solid waste should be removed as you would normally. Any remaining debris can be simply washed off with a hose, and you may spray a water and enzyme-based cleaner to eliminate odors.

For doggy hole diggers, GRASS Turf Pro is a winner. We can’t guarantee that a dog won’t claw through, but our turf is extremely durable and virtually impossible to rip or tear. If border areas seem to be a problem for your digger, simply add more stakes to the perimeter to discourage digging. You may also wish to build a sub-surface wood border around the perimeter that the grass border can affix to.

How do I maintain my GRASS Turf Pro lawn?

After the ‘break-in period’ which allows the infill to settle from usage and climatic elements, periodic brushing is recommended. You can remove debris with a leaf blower. Should someone stain the grass, simply sponge off or use a rag or soft brush. You may even use ‘Gum Off’ or Goo Be Gone’.

Occasionally, ‘Round-Up’ may be used if your natural grass encroaches into your synthetic lawn.

How does water drain using GRASS Turf Pro?

GRASS Turf Pro drains like natural grass. The turf has perforated holes in the backing which allows water to drain through to the base under the turf. The base or ‘infill’ is a blend of crushed rocks which allows for the water to drain on through. we use a non-perforated backing that is not hole punched. That is what we call Gator Back. We actually have it trademarked I believe.